Addicted to technology, Part 2

What’s the impact on our health?

I recently watched a video showing the amount of radiation a standard mobile phone emits. When the phone is ready to receive and make calls and not on airplane/sleep mode it emits radiation. Measured against a meter it produced almost 250,000 microwatts output and topped the meter frequency. For l most folk, that doesn’t mean anything; put simply, radiation is going directly into our bodies every time we use our handheld devices.

When we carry our mobile phones, we are constantly exposing ourselves to radiation. It is horrifying to think about the amount of long-term damage this one device has on our bodies.

The mobile phone is only one of many devices that we are exposed to daily. Imagine if we added the amount of radiation from other popular devices.

Another example of how things have evolved in recent history is the invention, over seventy years ago, of the microwave oven. It’s a hugely popular kitchen appliance fond in most households. It’s a convenient way to cook and re-heat food but how can it be that in a matter of seconds, ’Ping’ your food is hot? Science has come a long way! But when you really think about it, it’s yet another form of radiation going into our bodies. I’m sure it would normally take over an hour to do a jacket potato! Now, with one of these things, it can be done in 5-7 minutes. When I was younger, my Nana used to reheat food by wrapping the food in a foil parcel and sticking it in the oven for 20 mins. How times have changed!

When I think about why illnesses like cancer and dementia amongst others, are so prevalent in this modern age I’m sure all of this has a part to play. Genetics do predispose us to certain illnesses, but my view is that many are due to what we have consumed over an extended period of time as well as the environment in which we live.

Technology makes us lazy. We are now leading more sedentary lifestyles dominated by screens. Over recent years, there has been a sharp increase in obesity, lack of physical inactivity in adults and children, and people becoming more isolated, especially older, people. There are also things like computer wrist, digital eyestrain, and a high rise in mental disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as sleep disorders. All these conditions have been intensified using, technology.

So, what can we do to reduce the risk?

Well, every little helps right! The first thing you can do is put our phone on airplane/sleep mode throughout the day if you are not using it. Unfortunately, we will still be exposed to radiation from other people devices when out and about but taking this precaution can only be a good thing.

STOP putting your mobile phone in your pocket. Instead, put it in a bag or rucksack.

STOP sleeping with devices on your bedside table. Buy an alarm clock! If you must leave it on, keep it in another room. One study revealed that 44% of us use the phone at night in bed, stimulating our brain instead of relaxing it. This causes difficulties in getting a restful night’s sleep.

START switching off electronics in your home at night, No more standby mode! Switch off your Wi-Fi at night, not only will you be saving energy and bringing your bills down, but you will be reducing the number of electromagnetic fields in your home environment. An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behaviour of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space, describing the electromagnetic interaction. So, switching off may even help you get a better night’s sleep.

START lessening the use of things like the microwave. Make an effort to cook a meal from scratch. It takes less time than you think, and you won’t be ingesting harmful microwaves that cook your insides.

START limiting the time you spend continuously in front of a computer, TV or iPad. Take a break every 20 minutes or so. This helps to prevent eyestrain and gives you a chance to stretch out your muscles. We must become more digitally responsible and start to strengthen our awareness. We can then use technology in a way that lessens harm to ourselves and others.

TRY a detox once a week. You could, for example, leave your phone at home that day (switched off of course!), and read an actual book or magazine for the day. In the evening, do a newspaper crossword or word search... You could even take some time to plan and prepare dinner for the week ahead - many people say they don’t have time to cook! Maybe the break from all the screens might make you realise exactly how much time you actually do have. You might even want to try a technology detox retreat! Yes, they do exist - Google it!

Technology detox

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, I always love reading your comments, so please leave your thoughts on this article, or share your own experience with technology.