Bali Adventures, Part 3

After a few day on the sun filled island of Gili T, I made my way back to mainland Bali and thought I would treat myself to some R& R.

I chose the Floating leaf retreat, as it had amazing reviews and it was the most decadent four days I have ever spent on myself! (well, that’s a lie!) But it was a luxury eco-retreat, all-inclusive package. I chose a Shamanic Healing package. Which was fab! It included a Jamu class where you learning how to make tonics and remedies from natural ingredients, a complimentary massage on day of arrival, a visit to the purification temple and two session with healers. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

The staff there were amazing. Such a high level of customer service and genuinely lovely people. I really connected with all the staff I came into contact with. I was the only guest in the hotel at the time so it was missing the atmosphere but I still had a wonderful few days and was lucky enough to have a few added extra thrown into my package as a goodwill gesture. The food here was some of the best I have ever had. The portions were very generous and everything was fresh and organic.

It was really interesting that I could actually taste the flavours of the vegetables and meat without adding any salt to it. It made me wonder why we add so much salt/pepper and other condiments to food. All the imported non-organic food we consume had lost it goodness before it even gets to our plate.

Whilst I stayed at the retreat, it was the perfect hub to explore Ubud. It was far enough to be out of the chaos and liveliness. I had a few day trips and managed to visit the rice fields, temples and butterfly park, I took an amazing night safari and I explored (and haggled) my way through Ubud market


I had a few days in Ubud, which, on reflection I should have done earlier in the trip while I was still had funds! The Art Market was vast, stalls and stalls of artwork, sarongs, bag, clothes, jewellery. You name it and you could probably find it there. Although it does get tiresome being nice to these lovely polite people when they keep asking you to buy something for good luck! I was never sure if they mean their good luck or mine!

There is so much to see and do in Ubud, so many great restaurants, temples, various cooking classes, and yoga retreats. There really is something for everyone. I tried a great raw food café there called Alchemy - it was awesome. I’m not normally a fan of all raw food but they have got this down! A raw veggies burger and salad with a huge side of raw carrot cake and it was delicious!

Jimbaran seafood feast

My last afternoon in Bali was spent on the on beach with a seafood feast! Looking out into the ocean and breathing in the sea air. It was a beautiful way to end my time there. My driver Katut was a nice old man who probably drove at 20 miles an hour. I think he was fascinated with me I don’t think he was used to seeing anyone like me! Even told me to call him when I come back to Bali (bless!).

Run don’t walk!

I have to admit my one peeve about Bali was the way people drive. I had a lot of anxiety whenever I got in a car. There are many places I have been in the world where the driving is questionable but this to me was the worst. There were no road rules what so ever! If ever I wanted to cross the road I would pray to God before trying to make a dash for the other side, as no one stops at a crossing. Maybe, its part of the reason I fell in love with Gili T, I didn’t have to worry about getting run over by cars because there were none! Although, saying that, those horse and cart taxis are just as lethal.

Most other holidays I have been on, there is little choice for healthy nourishing food. There is always a vast array of fast food restaurants that are cheap as chips and add inches to your waistline. The food is amazeballs! Fresh, organic and bursting with natural goodness and bags of flavour. If you are a vegetarian or vegan this is the place to be! No end to the variety of tasty, nutritious options. Which for me, as a meat eater I enjoyed very much! Vegetarian and vegans would have no problems finding an array of delicious meals to choose from and good value for money.

I can honestly see why some people travel there and don’t go home, there is nothing not to like about Bali. The weather is great (even though I went in rainy season!) The people are super friendly and will always help you if they can. English is also widely spoken there. All the hotels I stayed in were of a good standard. The food is awesome, I mean why would you not want to live in paradise?!

Travelling is a great thing to do and I think we should all do it when we have the opportunity and if you are so inclined. You learn so much about yourself while seeing the world of cultures around us. I never thought I would be brave enough to do something like this alone, but I have a feeling it will be the first of many solo trips I will be doing. My bucket list of travel destinations is getting longer and longer.

So my fellow travellers, be bold and brave, Live now, travel more, laugh lots.

Have you had an recent adventures? Travellled anywhere exotic? I would love to hear some of your travel stories .