Gratitude Journal

I hear all the time be grateful for what you have cause one day you might not have it and I never really understood it until now. These are the things I'm most grateful for

Today and every day I want to give thanks first and foremost for my life, my health, my strength, my resilience

I want to give thanks for my family without whom I wouldn't be who I am today. The road has been long and turbulent and at times completely overwhelming. High with emotions, expectations, responsibilities and at points I found myself wanting to book the first flight out of the country to somewhere where I didn't have to deal with it. But now I see, clearly that all these experiences have contributed to who I have become. I am grateful for my ability to keep going in the face of great adversity, to continue to grow when my roots are broken and to still be able to laugh even in all the darkness.

I am grateful for the love and support of my beautiful second family of friends. You all make my world a better place. Being an only child has been a lonely road at times but it never really felt alone with the abundant love and unconditional support I have from some incredible individuals. Too many to name but you all know who you are and how special you are to me each and every one of my friends has a place in my heart and my home. I want you all to know that I am lucky to have you in my life, I love and cherish you dearly.

I am grateful for my job for being my vehicle in pursuit of my passions. It has allowed me to be able to do things I have dreamed of such as travelling and having those material things in life that for me aren't of great importance but do make life easier.

I am grateful to have found my passion in life, and I'm incredibly grateful for my journey because its mine! And it makes me who I am today

What things are you most grateful for?